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The Process

Exposure Campaign, Analysis & Assessments


You will notice very quickly, if you followed the process step by step, that everything we have covered has been a building block to this point. From your Image Development to your UTM Tracking Number Sequence, we bring it all together in your Exposure Campaign.

Our Exposure Campaign is designed to be replicated for every individual campaign you do. Even if you are running the same campaign across a few different platforms, create a separate one for each platform. This will help you truly drill down into the weeds, when necessary, to measure the effectiveness of each platform.

The first page of your Exposure Campaign includes:


Campaign Name

            Campaign Platform

            UTM Tracking ID

            Launch Date

            Campaign Budget

            Campaign Intent

            Taglines and Descriptions

            Image or Video specifications

It all looks familiar right? Let’s take a look at the image below to see how it looks in practical application.

Next, we move on to page two where you will see some similar topics being covered. Page two includes:


Call to Action


            Additional Branded Images

The goal to each Exposure Campaign is to stay on message while you are exposing the world to what you have to offer.

Assessments & Analysis- It’s been said that a great plan is useless without action. But, with your business, does that action only include launching and driving traffic? Action is also understanding how to assess and analyze what you are doing and how effective it is. In the technological world we live in today, each platform we use as business owners has a method of assessing and analyzing our efforts, and each one is invaluable. These tools alone can help you understand a piece of the whole you are working with. However, it’s not until you bring them all together in one comprehensive snapshot view that you truly capture the effectiveness of your Exposure & Sales Funnel efforts.

Analysis- The method in which you measure activity in the form of efforts vs. results. This can be accomplished by analyzing likes on a social media page vs. follows, or follows vs. shares, or link clicks vs. sales. There are so many ways to break down your efforts vs. results. The take-away you should focus on here is that analysis should be conducted often and should include the objective data as well as your Brand Identity. They are intertwined with each other.

Efforts vs. Results- The driving force behind our ability to make fine-tuned adjustments comes in the form of analysis of efforts versus results. Analysis is instrumental in painting a vivid picture that can be used to alter, adjust, increase, decrease, and change course as necessary. It does not matter what industry you are in or the size of your company. Understanding what it takes to drive traffic to your website and through your Sales Funnel is the make it or break it point for a business owner. We cannot stress this part enough. Analyzing data is like watching paint dry for most, but you must learn to love it, or at least fake it till you make it.

Website: Let’s start with WIX, assuming you have already signed up for an account. If you have not, Click Here to check them out. WIX analytics & reports tab allow you to see so many details about user actions on your site. You should at least set a monthly analysis day where you devote a bit of time understanding the power of your Traffic Overview, Sales Overview, Behavior Overview, Insights, and Benchmarks. This will show you how effective your Branding Strategy is working. If your audience is spending time on your site and clicking through the pages with an ultimate purchase at the end, you are probably doing pretty good. Understanding how to read your analytics will give you the knowledge necessary to do this.

On the other hand, if you are not seeing acceptable conversion rates with acceptable traffic levels, you could have a perception issue with your Brand Identity. This is where the raw data can paint a very vivid picture of how well your Sales Funnel is driving traffic to the Customer Purchase Phase.

Social Media: Each social media platform has its own built-in method of analysis. They are all crucial to understanding your reach across the sea of zeros and ones. Afterall, if you are paying these organizations to promote your business, shouldn’t you understand how well they are performing? The results of your Social Media Exposure Campaigns will tell a very detailed story, and we all set priorities differently. It is up to you to establish where you believe your focus should be.


Benchmarking Data: Benchmarking Data is a set goal based off activity. Many organizations will set this in place before they even launch their businesses. When we are starting out we have dreams of turning on the lights and seeing product fly off of the shelves. For most of us, this is simply unrealistic. So, how do we set our Benchmarking Data? Quick answer, have an idea of where you want to be, but don’t set your initial data. Let your Exposure Campaigns do the work for you. Pay close attention and start to document your results on a weekly and monthly basis, but wait until you have 90 Days of data before you start setting your goals in place. 90 Days will give you True Data that will provide ratios and averages crucial to driving your campaigns and ultimately converting traffic to sales.

  • Develop routine analysis through social media and website analytics. Recommended monthly, quarterly, and yearly analysis with quarterly alterations, as necessary. (Standard, not rule)

  • FB & IG analytics

  • Google AdSense

  • Conversion rates

Now, let’s revisit your Sales Funnel and how you can analyze your Exposure Campaigns efforts vs results.

As you can see, numbers on a screen or piece of paper make much better sense when you can see how they relate to your efforts.

Assessments- Assessments, as they relate to an organization, is the comprehensive view of a topic, system, process, plan, platform etc. Systems and processes are, in many cases, more valuable than individual skills. Knowing how to run your company is not the same as having systems and processes established and integrated into every aspect of your operations. Systems and processes take what your intent is and turns it into a standardized system aimed at maintaining your Brand Identity. Here, we will focus on Branding Assessments and how they assist in maintaining Brand Identity integrity.

It is easy to have a knee jerk reaction when there appears to be an issue with your ability to drive traffic to the buying stage of a Sales Funnel. Often, your Brand Identity is perceived as being the first thing on the chopping block. In reality, your Brand Identity, if created properly in the development phases, is the entirety of what you are assessing and analyzing. Everything you have done to this point has been building your Brand Identity. This is not the time to change it, it is the time to figure out where you have weak points in your brands public perception. Take a look at the sample Sales Funnel image below and imagine how your organizations Sales Funnel works. Then, try to pinpoint where you may see potential root cause issues.

An assessment of your Brand Identity should be conducted at a minimum of once per quarter, or if prompted by extenuating circumstances. This assessment should include your initial Image Development Strategy, your Product/Service Development Plan, your Exposure Plan, and the implementation of them all within your Sales Funnel. The goal here is to pinpoint where you may have gone off message, miscalculated your demographics, or possibly missed a step in your Exposure Plan. Building a business is certainly not for the faint of heart. And let me save you the suspense, you will make mistakes, miscalculations, and you will get frustrated. This is all part of the process.

So let’s wrap this section up with your Exposure Campaign Assessment.

This includes:

            Campaign Name

            Launch Date


            Planned and actual results of Demographics

            Best and Worst


            Lessons Learned

            And your next steps

Your Exposure Campaign(s) are now live, and it's time to focus on Brand Management. Click Here to get started.

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