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The Process

Brand Management


Branded Content Management Plan - Consistency and frequency are two key aspects of building a brand. Posting schedule, content creation, posted interactions, and service after the sale should be structured organically and methodically. Intentional and deliberate should always be the goal in campaign management; efforts must match desired results. All social media platforms are designed differently and house their own set of unique capabilities, use the right tool for the right job.

Social Media –

  • Develop posting schedule utilizing the “Themed” approach.

                          Develop content themes,

                          Develop categories from themes,

                          Develop Topics,

                          Develop Subtopics, e.g. testimonials, micro stories, etc.

  • Structure YouTube and podcast environment for long edited content.


Users go to YouTube and listen to podcasts specifically for long content; embracing this understanding will help platforms become leaders and proven experts in the industry.

  • Facebook is best used by developing a business page and a “Group” where users can lead the conversation. Linked posting from IG can be implemented to keep content fresh and relevant.

  • IG is a massively important exposure tool. However, user attention spans are much shorter in comparison to other mediums. As such, videos from YouTube should be chopped and strategically posted to IG in 15-90 second increments. Anything longer and you risk losing the attention of others.

                           They should be the expert platform for content.

                           Should be the product/user experience platform.

  • Pinterest should be linked and utilized for imagery. Pinterest is an underrated and often overlooked source of exposure. If executed correctly, most Pinterest images end up on Google Images which increases exposure and feeds the Google algorithm.

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