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Brand Management

Branded Content Management Plan - Consistency and frequency are two key aspects of building a brand. Exposure Campaign management, posting schedule, content creation, posted interactions, and service after the sale should be structured organically and methodically. Intentional and deliberate should always be the goal in Brand Management; efforts must drive desired results.


There are many platforms, software programs, spreadsheets etc. floating around the digital world for you to use to manage your business. Our focus is on Brand Management. Everything we have covered to this point has been a building block. Your Image Development is in place, your Product/Service Development is complete, your Exposure Plan is live, and you are actively building and launching your Exposure Campaigns. Now it is time to manage and monitor. We do this with three components:


            Live Exposure Campaigns

            Monthly Content Calendars

            Monthly/Yearly Dashboards


At this point, your Image Development, Product/Service Development, and Exposure Plan have turned into reference documents you should refer to often. Use them as your guide to stay on brand message.


You should already understand how to use your Exposure Campaigns and Monthly Content Calendars so we will focus on your Monthly/Yearly Dashboard.


This tool is your 10k foot view of what is going on with your brand. It gives you a snapshot of what is in production, what Exposure Campaigns are live, what analysis you have conducted, what you value as important activities on a weekly/monthly basis, and a high-level view of your previous months efforts & results.

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