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My Story, Their Story, Your Story!

People confuse Branding and Marketing all the time. Most believe creating a logo is branding and everything else is marketing.

We see it a bit differently.

Branding, to us, is the strategic approach to understanding and telling a story.

From the sound of your voice to the packaging of the product you sell, branding is intertwined in everything you do.

Marketing, on the other hand, is the communication method used to expose your story to the world.

Think of it this way,

Your life is one continuous movie reel.

Frame by frame we live out our own versions of comedies, love stories, action films and so on.

No matter what genre you are currently living, you are the lead character, AND this is where the image development of your brand begins.

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Welcome to SCG Branding Solutions

Our mission here at SCG Branding Solutions is to educate entrepreneurs on the intricate details of building and promoting a brand. Branding encompasses many aspects of a business so our approach will and our content always evolves to mirror the market.


In addition to educating, we also provide affiliate links known to us as industry leaders who can help your organization surpass all of your expectations. None of us can do what we do alone. Developing strategic partnerships with platforms that fill your company needs is paramount in the success of your venture. 

Team Meeting

Branding You

Episode 1, The Philosophy of Modern Branding

Our flagship episode of Branding You focuses on the My Story, Their Story, Your Story concept of laying your branded foundation.