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Branding Is

the starting point for the creation, production, distribution, and rapid growth of a business idea. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to keep a mindful focus on brand creation, exposure, evaluation, and positive Return on Investment (ROI). Branding touches every aspect of an organization. From content creation to end user satisfaction, Branding and Brand development are crucial aspects of company success. Building a comprehensive brand foundation will ensure you always keep your branded structure on a steady and consistent path.

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Our Philosophy to Branding

My Story, Their Story, Your Story

People confuse Branding and Marketing all the time. Most believe creating a logo is branding and everything else is marketing. We see it a bit differently. Branding, to us, is the strategic approach to understanding and telling a story. From the sound of your voice to the packaging of the product you sell, branding is intertwined in everything you do. Marketing, on the other hand, is the communication method used to expose your story to the world. Think of it this way, Your life is one continuous movie reel. Frame by frame we live out our own versions of comedies, love stories, action films and so on. No matter what genre you are currently living, you are the lead character, AND this is where the image development of your brand begins.

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Branding 101

Branding is a balancing act of public perception and organizational standardization. 

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Image Development

A corporate identity or corporate image is the manner in which a corporation, firm or business enterprise presents itself to the public (e.g. customers, investors, employees). The corporate identity is visualized via branding and trademarks, but also includes product designadvertisingpublic relations, etc.

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Product/Service Development

Developing your product or service is the fun part of what we do in the world of business. This is typically the reason we decided to get into our industry. As such, standardizing what we produce or what we provide as a service is paramount in building brand recognition and industry credibility. 

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Exposure Plan and Sales Funnel

Uniqueness of brand enables you to drill down into the weeds of a solid Exposure Plan (Digital Marketing) with a dynamic and effective approach to building your Sales Funnel. Your ultimate goal is to generate and encourage awareness, interest, interaction, shares, follows, and ultimately more customers.

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Brand Management

Consistency and frequency are key components to Brand Management. Techniques and methods change on a daily basis and keeping your brand consistent while implementing new and exciting ways to expose it will keep you ahead of your competitors.

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Branding Assessments and Analysis

The driving force behind our ability to make fine tuned adjustments comes in the form of analysis of efforts versus results. Analysis is instrumental in painting a vivid picture that can be used to alter, adjust, increase, decrease, and change course, as necessary.

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SCG Branding Solutions presents: Branding You

Make sure to follow us on YouTube for new and up to date information on Branding and Business Development through our Branding You episodes. 

Branding You

Episode 1, The Philosophy of Modern Branding

Our flagship episode of Branding You focuses on the My Story, Their Story, Your Story concept of laying your branded foundation. 

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